the big C

My beautiful father-in-law has cancer.

It’s a sudden discovery – we found out last week, so he’s being rushed through the public hospital system for an emergency operation today.

In terms of cancer, he’s got one of the better types; cancer of the colon. The doctors are going to try and cut it all out. We’re optimistic because he’s strong as an ox and only in his 70’s plus they discovered it during a colonoscopy so it’s no longer an unknown force wreaking havoc.

It was a bit of a drama to get him to agree to the operation. You think you’d just accept that modern medicine is the best option and go into it acknowledging the risks but hoping for the best. BUT of course there are always those crazy people who believe in divine intervention or rain dances or some story about a miracle cure that “my best friend’s sister’s brother’s girlfriend” had happen to her third uncle that suddenly woke up cancer free. One side of Jay’s family is the latter to that example. They actually almost talked Jay’s Dad into not having the operation but to go on some “fruit diet” for 5 days that would cure all traces of the cancer.

That whole situation made me so angry. My thoughts on these people is that unless you have a medical degree and can back up your claims 150%, then you should just shut the fuck up, keep your delusions to yourself and let the experts handle it.

Sensibly, Jay and his older sister Trina talked him into speaking with the doctor about his fears (permanent colostomy bag), the “miracle diet” and the pros and cons of going through with the operation. I can just imagine the kind of thoughts going through the Docs head when faced with the possibility that his patient with aggressive colon cancer was opting for a fruit detox instead of modern medicine.

Thankfully, he’s back on board and we’re positive he’ll be his old self in no time; cancer free with plenty of years left to rip apart the garden and build trailers, BBQs and anything else to keep himself occupied in his retirement tenure.

He’s such a good man and I love him; he has a wicked sense of humor, he’s a true handyman (he built his own house several times and welds stuff for fun), he caught a shark 30kms inland (and was on the News for it!) plus he produced a wonderful son that is my gorgeous husband. I even reminded him that he’s got no option but to be around to see his future grandkids!

Jay has been handling this really well. Not that I expected him to freak out or break down. He’s very strong and logical; he won’t break down until something physical happens. Not that it’s going to. But I can see the tension in his body. He’s been very good with keeping himself busy and taking on and advisory role when speaking to his parents. He’s being strong and positive to reinforce their positive feelings. It’ll be OK. It has to be OK. He’ll be OK. He has to be OK.

Good luck Rudi. Our thoughts are with you and your doctor. We’ll see you bright and sparky soon.

Jay and his parents on our wedding day in 2005

3 thoughts on “the big C

  1. Best wishes for your father-in-law. These things are always so taxing on everybody, so best wishes to you & your hubby as well.

    1. thanks so much. operation went well although it was a mammoth 7 hour ordeal with complications, but he’s out and stable in intensive care. Jay’s going up next week to be with him as they live in another state.

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