I’m currently…


side of the road veggie stalls. Last night we got back from a weekend up at Mum & Col’s in Salamander Bay. I always enjoy the drive back because we get to stop at the different road side stalls that sell farm fresh eggs, honey, corn, beans, pumpkins, apples and tomatoes.

farm fresh veggie purchases!

Just finished reading:

In Mum’s haphazard “library” I found a booked entitled Boned which was written by Anonymous and is based on a montage of events that unfolded around several high profile Australian TV reporters such as Jessica Rowe, Jana Wendt and Naomi Robson. It was a pretty good read; salacious, eye-opening and entertaining so I managed to finish it in one day.


After having a month off drinking, I am craving the gentle tannins of my favourite Shiraz; Capel Vale from WA’s Margaret River region. It’s aged in French and American Oak with a hint of vanilla, sweet red berries and black pepper.

It would go perfectly with lamb cutlets and Moroccan couscous….

Wishing I had:

more time. I’ve been feeling so rushed and frantic lately. With moving house, unpacking, organizing tradespeople to do odd jobs around the house, keeping up with my work load and exercising Harley (and myself), I feel like I barely have moment for myself or for Jay, let alone for my friends. We went up to Mum’s over the weekend and I didn’t get to see Grace (she bailed last minute on coming out to dinner) and I didn’t have the time to stop in and see Tam on my way home. However, James came up and stayed the night to hang out with us (Jay in particular) but he is fabulous at making an effort. We did have a really great night out with Mum, Col and their next door neighbours Al & Sue; dinner and copious bottles of wine at a new local Thai place and then late night bowling!

Looking forward to:

Staying over at Mandy & Nath’s place this weekend for some long awaited hangout time. We’ve just got a whole work week to get through…

Mandy & Nath on their wedding day last October

Thinking about:

where my pick for dinner club will be this month! It’s a choice between Sake in the Rocks or Ad Lib Bistro in Pymble. One is Japanese and the other is French. I do have 3 choices this year so I can go to both, but it’s just trying to decide which one to go to first!

Sake @ The Rocks
Ad Lib Bistro @ Pymble

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