over budget in Ikea

Over the weekend we got a new state government. I voted for the winning team, which doesn’t mean too much because they’re all just as bad as each other. I’m so disillusioned by the state of Australian politics.

I walked down to the local school at 8am to get my vote in early, but I still had to line up. I tied Harley to a pole and heard him barking annoyingly because he wasn’t getting attention. When I came out the political volunteers said that almost everyone stopped to give him a pat because he’s so adorable. I have come to the realisation that my dog is a spoilt brat!

Pommy Doug arrived with his trailer to collect our old lounge that we sold to him. Then we had breakfast at FFF, our fave local cafe. The Eggs Benedict were good. It was still raining when we went to the home-makers supacentre in Artarmon and bought our new couch (3 seater chocolate leather chaise) which will get delivered next weekend. Then we went to Ikea and spent 5 hours getting everything else we needed for our new place. I can’t believe it was 5 hours. We ate a late lunch in the cafeteria ($5 for chicken & pasta!) which I think is exciting and Jay finds weird. Said husband didn’t whinge at all during this marathon shopping spree, which was awesome! We came home ridiculously over budget and spent til 1.30am putting together wardrobes.

I’ve done nothing today really. Jay is at the footy (Knights v Sea Eagles) in Manly with Ian. I am ashamed to admit that I managed to eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn for lunch, while watching Wild Things 2. Im going to make up for it with a extra long walk with Harley in the morning and making a super-veggie stirfry for dinner tonight. I don’t know how I’m going to get those 95 minutes of my life back for watching that stupid movie!

Courtesy of my overspending, I still have a bathroom cabinet and a desk to put together…

our new lounge setting


    1. it’s soooo comfy! I can’t wait for it to be delivered so I can spend a whole weekend catching up on TV episodes that I’ve been taping in readiness for some downtime 🙂

  1. What it’s called? Ea. piece of Ikea furniture has a funny name. (If Swedish is funny.) I just discovered the cheap food at Ikea recently–it’s quite the bargain indeed!

      1. I love the muppets! Now I feel like meatballs!
        The couch wasnt from Ikea but the wardrobes are called Aneboda. After putting 2 of them together and a bathroom cabinet (Lillangen) I think I’m an expert at self-assembly!!!

  2. A bowl of mashed potato costs the same as a bowl of chips. I have eaten it every single time I’ve been to IKEA, and sometimes that was once a week. If they don’t have it, I feel as though the whole trip has been wasted.

      1. Apparently it’s only avail in red. Used to be in yellow a few years ago. Assembling the locking mechanism drove me crazy–it comes with an old-fashioned key. My wife & I have a lot of quilts and blankets, so it’s going to house those, as well as some books on the bottom shelf. She hasn’t figured out a purpose for the drawers yet. I’ll fill em with crap if she doesn’t watch out.

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