its all over red rover


along with getting married (tick), buying a house (not yet, but soon) and having a child (not yet, but someday) they say that moving house is up there as one of the most stressful events in your life…
it’s true.
i would know since i’m super experienced with the event!

we just finished moving house; from an apartment to an actual townhouse. you’d think that because it happens to only be about 1km from where we used to live the moving would be easier. yeah right.

so at the thought of another move, we decided to pay the extra dollars to get professionals in to do all the hard lifting.
what a god-send!
after a few weeks of organizing, sorting, packing and cleaning, we’re finally done!
today we hand back the keys of the apartment (it’s sparkling clean!) and we’re complete.

and i managed to control my stress and not to turn into a murderous psycho!
(that’s a win/win in my books!)

in our new townhouse, Harley has the room to run around in the yard; he can dig and snuffle his nose in the dirt (and hopefully not drag it through the house), and i can have a garden, with veggies and herbs and flowers (oh my!), and we have a second bedroom for an office-slash-guest room. it’s all a bit exciting.

but mostly i’m pleased with a larger kitchen, more space to line up all my books and the fact that i (hopefully) won’t get yelled at by neighbors to shut up when playing my piano!


luckily for Jay, Melly stayed cool calm & collected!