two part post | things i will not miss about griffin place & organizing the bookcase

Part One | things I will not miss about griffin place

Tomorrow the movers come. Here, I would like to reminisce on things that I will not miss from our Griffin Place apartment.

In no particular order;

  • door slamming detonation; the faulty fire door at the end of the hallway outside our apartment, that slams shut creating an air vacuum that sets Harley off running to the front door, barking.
  • the  3am orgasm girl; the guy upstairs has his girlfriend over every few weeks, and they must get home late after going out for drinks, because its always around 3am on a Saturday morning that she proceeds to have the loudest orgasms ever. We just shut the door to our courtyard so we can go back to sleep, but I’ve heard other people yelling “shut the fuck up!” which were my sentiments exactly. At least she sounds like she was enjoying them!
  • yobbo-land; the father and son roommates who yell loudly and enthusiastically at the TV during sports games from their balcony, so that everyone can hear it echoing through the building
  • cancer-man; the second hand smoke I have to breathe from the guy next door who smokes frequently outside on his balcony so that when my doors are open it whafts into our living room. I swear he goes through a pack a night.
  • verbal abuse vermin; from what we can gather, they live on the top floor. He yells at her for spending money and swears a lot, in turn she gets hysterical. It occurs about once a month and is awful to hear.

So apart from all of the negatives above, it hasn’t been all bad (we had nice neighbors across the hall, we walk out of our building and the harbour is across the road and here is where we grew our little family to include Harley) BUT those are the things I definitely won’t be missing when we lay our heads down to sleep tomorrow night.

Time for the next chapter and new adventures!

bye bye!

Part Two | A tutorial in organizing the bookcase

being that I’m in the process of moving (which I hate) and have an excuse to get more organised and clean (which I love), I saw this on one of the blogs I regularly visit and thought I’d share:

2 thoughts on “two part post | things i will not miss about griffin place & organizing the bookcase

  1. Good luck in your new place. I have a cancer-man for a neighbor, too, and wish I could move away from him as you are–he smokes so much that the smoke seeps through his doorjamb and fills the shared hallways of our unit. I once had a 3am orgasm girl for a neighbor–her moans were so high-pitched and bizarre that I’d just wake up laughing. I guess without these people, the edifices we live in communally would just be stacked boxes.

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