ten confessions


I’m sharing a few confessions with you. It’s so easy to write stuff when you don’t know who’s reading it! cathartic, I say!

read, try not to judge & then put yours out there!

  1. When I’m either bored or pondering something, I snip away at my split ends. It’s tragic, I know.
  2. love scary movies
  3. I am a little obsessive-compulsive. My Mum has overcome it, but my brother is way out there with his! I consciously try to break the cycle of having to have everything in even amounts or the same (even volume on the dial in the car for the stereo / chewing the same amount on each side / same colour and type of pegs on the clothes line / brushing my teeth the same on top and bottom / alternating which shoe I put on first…the list goes on). [Right now, you’re thinking I’m kind of a freak…Remember what I said about no judging!!!]
  4. I hate yellow (patty pan) squash. Hate it.
  5. I’m planning a new tattoo.
  6. Even though I am super-organised, can be outspoken and bossy at times most of the time, I really like it when my husband takes charge and “puts his foot down”.
  7. I always dump a bag of Maltesers into my popcorn at the movies. They kinda melt and you get little clusters of gooey, salty, chocolatey heaven!
  8. I am the worst with money. It seems to slip through my fingers. This is the only thing Jay gets mad a me about. I am trying really hard to control my spending this year.
  9. I am addicted to teen young adult fiction.
  10. I have crazy, detailed dreams. I could seriously write books or movies from my dreams. I always remember them and they’re mostly about being a spy or a secret agent and often my characters reoccur from one night to the other. It’s pretty weird but pretty cool too.
i'm a little crazy | what do you see?


    1. I never know if I should read into my dreams too much – I think it’s just my overactive imagination expressing itself! I wouldn’t know what to think otherwise…..it’s all a little bit ‘Inception’! thanks for commenting xox

  1. And that’s why I love you! As for the inkblot I see Superman checking for spinach or a car door in his teeth in the mirror.

  2. Geez Melly, I didn’t know about your OCD. I thought mine was bad…..
    Funny that you have to do things in even number. I always need things to be done in odd numbers.

    And yes, I think because you read and watch such a massive variety of stuff, that’s why you have such vivid dreams! Also apparently you dream lot if you have plenty of Vitamin B in you!

  3. A confession of my own: I had the morning off to go to a doctor’s appointment…I could have been back at work by 10:00am, but instead I spent the rest of the morning running personal errands, eating fast-food and reading in my car; I got to work at 1:00pm.

    As for your Rorschach test, I simultaneously see two students (or backpackers) about to kiss as well as an artistic rendering of a closeup of an anatomical part belonging only to the female of the species.

    1. OK, so I take this question in two ways;
      – scariest movie I ever saw was ‘silent night, deadly night’ when I was 13. my BFF Gracie made me watch it and apart from being terrified and spending half of the movie outside singing loudly to myself so I didnt have to hear what christmas crimes were occurring in the movie, it horrifically scarred me to this day! I still occasionally have nightmares around christmas time that involve an axe-welding santa!
      – the best scary movie I ever saw *at the time* is a toss up between The Ring and The Hills Have Eyes. I can’t say for 100% that The Hills Have Eyes is the scariest ever because I had to go out of the room and listen to my iPod every half hour because I was that shit scared!
      what about you?
      PS – I may just do a post about this!

  4. I seem to go towards foreign horror movies more than any other. Two of my favorites are “A Tale of Two Sisters” which I believe is Korean…and [Rec] which is a Spanish film that the American movie Quarantine was based on.

    1. I can barely get through English/American horrors, but Ive seen a couple of Japanese ones and they are pretty good. I have seen Quarantine and that wasn’t too bad. I had to sleep with a light on after watching Paranormal .

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