the zodiac killer

By now you probably would have heard that the fine art (!?) of astrology has been changed forever!

The zodiac is the ring of constellations that lines the path of the sun (the ecliptic) over the course of a year. The theory was discovered during the Greco-Roman era, but way before then it was part of Hellenistic and Babylonian astrology.

wheel of the (old) zodiac. source Wikipedia

Apparently our view of the ecliptic has gradually changed over the past 2000 years and the constellations we viewed in the night sky back then are different than those we see during the same months now; basically the astrological signs are no longer aligned with the constellations.

So we’ve had an upgrade; zodiac 2.0 so to speak! And just to prove we’re much more scientific about the whole thing, we’ve reintroduced the constellation Ophiuchus, which was always there but so brief in it’s appearance that it was deemed superfluous and swept under the astrological rug, until now. Those lucky people (like my Mum) born between 29th November and 17th December will now be represented by a man wrestling a big snake (Ophiuchus is the man in the constellation, while the snake is the constellation “Serpens”).

What does this mean for you & me? Well, if you’re like me and think its a little bit of fun but complete bollocks, then you may have a new zodiac symbol to get acquainted with… I always liked the fact that I was a Libra; apparently now I’m a Virgo!

Sep 16 - Oct 30
Oct 31 - Nov 22
Nov 23 - Nov 29
Ophiuchus | Nov 30 - Dec 17 | source
Dec 18 - Jan 18
Jan 19 - Feb 15
Feb 16 - Mar 11
Mar 12 - Apr 18
Apr 19 - May 13
May 14 - Jun 19
Jun 20 - Jul 20
Jul 21 - Aug 9
Aug 10 - Sep 15



2 thoughts on “the zodiac killer

  1. So pray tell me – What am I? I always thougtht I was a Daring Lover (not that you want to know that ) and yes, I was born to Explor…. What else?

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