perspiring in perth

It’s hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet
On a hot summer night
Don’t be afraid of the world we made
On a hot summer night
– Billy Idol lyrics

My poor baby brother [when I say “baby” I mean 4 years younger than me!]. It’s been sweltering in Perth; almost 20 days straight with day-time temps above 30°C degrees and night-time temps above 20°C.

He’s a scaffolder too, which means he’s out in the heat all day long. Luckily he’s been driving the crane a bit lately which means some air-conditioned comfort.

Because of the 3 hour time difference, when I spoke to him last night he was still at work, sounding very authoritative shouting orders at his team. He was happy that it was “cooler” than the day before….34°C is so much better than 39°C! I’m thinking of you Juzzy-bear! …while I’m in my air-conditioned office at work or my air-conditioned car….but I’m still thinking of you!

from xmas hols: finding random snaps of my bro on my camera! priceless!

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