circa 1996

we were young and we were free. we religiously raided Grace’s Mum’s cabaret wardrobe to play dress-ups. we imagined crazy adventures for our alter-egos Shera, Wonderwoman, Spiderwoman & Astrogirl. while finding time to study for the HSC… it was 1996, we were in our last year of high school and we were also toeing the line ofContinue reading “circa 1996”

chicken with haloumi & honey

Being a long standing fan of Donna Hay, I bought her latest cookbook fast, fresh and simple during the Christmas sales. I’m so glad I did! The recipes are just as the title suggests and it seems that Donna’s mammoth weight loss has influenced her recipes because they are a lot lighter in butter &Continue reading “chicken with haloumi & honey”

its all over red rover

phew. along with getting married (tick), buying a house (not yet, but soon) and having a child (not yet, but someday) they say that moving house is up there as one of the most stressful events in your life… it’s true. i would know since i’m super experienced with the event! we just finished movingContinue reading “its all over red rover”

i’m currently…

Listening to: Lady Antebellum. I am infatuated with this Grammy Award winning 3 person country band. Their latest album Need You Now appeals to a wide audience (like country fringe dwellers like me) , but it’s still essentially country.From a instrumental standpoint they have some beautiful piano-driven love songs but it’s mostly about the guitar, and theyContinue reading “i’m currently…”