how much do I love international shipping?

thiiiiis much!
and yep, thats my handy artwork!

But seriously, the world is so much smaller with international shipping!

Shops like Etsy, Saks, Book Depository & Light in the Box make the retail community easily accessible & most importantly, more competitive.

I’m excited about last month’s online purchases…

from the Book Depository

three Quirk Classic mash-up novels

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Android Karenina
Dreadfully Ever After

from the Etsy community

some earrings to replace the same ones that Harley destroyed

modern hippie earrings in gold

three little illustrations for the nursery of a friend’s new baby

Gumball Grenade illustrations

from newly discovered Light in the Box

some gorgeous suede ankle boots

black suede ankle boots

and so when Jay emphatically inquires where all my allowance goes…

this pretty much explains it!

5 thoughts on “how much do I love international shipping?

    1. hi Nathan! yep, these books exist and they’re AWESOME! start off with “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” and work your way from there. I’m reading ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters’ at the moment and its hilarious!

  1. I like your new purchases. Especially those boots! Perhaps you need to produce some sort of subliminal tape that you can play to Jay at night.

    Sort of along the lines of – ‘$300? Investment piece. Investment piece’.

    Etc, etc!

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