Baroque | dinner with the girls

My third visit to Baroque came courtesy of a night out with the girls.

Mandy and I met after work at Odyssey Wine Bar for a pre-dinner drink  and catchup before heading over to meet Neen and Alissa for dinner.

I am a huge fan of French cuisine. I love the robust yet simple flavours and the way a nice glass of vino seems mandatory not optional to compliment the meal. Then there’s the delectable dessert list….but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Baroque bistro

Seated at our table in the industrial-chic, rose-tinted dining room, we decide to go with mains and dessert.

From the menu Mandy & Neen choose the “St Jacques marinées et grillées, maïs, haricots verts, lardo, estragon, pignons” or for the bilingually challenged that translates in English to Grilled and cured scallops, corn, green beans, lardo, tarragon, pine nuts $32. The dish is pretty in it’s presentation; topped by delicate and ocean-fresh flavours seasonally hinting of spring.

Grilled Scallops

After a few false starts, Alissa decides on “Bavette, choufleur, émulsion de thym truffe en poudre” which is a 300 day pure Angus bavette, cauliflower, thyme emulsion, truffle powder $30. She’s happy and it looks so delicious that I almost regret my order!

Angus beef

But being a recent convert to this dish, I am in heaven when my order arrives, “Magret de canard grillé, pollen de fenouil, petites bétteraves, olives noir” the Grilled breast of duck, fennel pollen, beetroot, black olive $33. I asked for it to be cooked medium instead of the recommended medium-rare and it was deliciously pink and tender. The baby beets were fresh, firm and tender.

Grilled breast of Duck

We shared a delicious accompaniment of Creamy Paris mash $9 (which is soooo good; perfectly buttery and creamy) and Green beans, garlic butter $9 (lean, green, crunchy beans!).

Paris Mash

When a menu offers Creme Brulee, it’s an offence not to eat it! Alissa was the only one to commit such a crime against nature when she chose to partake in coffee and macarons, or as the menu states Cafe Gourmand $10 (coffee with a selection of three macarons). I guess it’s not such a crime when the macarons are this good (I can attest to their goodness as I’ve had them before). The flavours she chose were chocolate & coconut, strawberry & vanilla creme and lavender.

coffee with macarons


Mandy, Neen & I all had the most perfect dessert on earth….the crème brulée. And Baroque’s interpretation is as it should be; traditionally flavoured only with real vanilla, the seeds still visible at the bottom of the custard which has a depth of about 2 cms, so that the flamed sugared toffee top has a beautiful crack when tapped with the back of the spoon. They leave the creativity to the accompanying pistachio ice-cream and biscuit crumbs, which are wonderfully refreshing and cut the sweetness of the brulée. It’s a spoonful of heaven, over and over again. Vanilla crème brulée, pistachio ice cream $16.

Crème brulée

Because it’s a “school night” we go easy on the drinks; a glass of red wine for Mandy and Alissa (2008 Le Chat Noir Vin de Pays Pinot Noir), a cocktail for Neen and a Kir Royal (Louis Roederer Brut Premiere Champagne with crème de cassis) for me. We’re out 4 hours later; happy, full of good food and good conversation!

88 George St, Sydney
T 02 9241 4811

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