I’m currently…


  • Life Unexpected – I spent all weekend watching a now defunct CW show about Lux, a 16 yo girl who grew up in the foster system, finds her 32 yo parents (Cate a local radio star who is engaged to her co-host and Baze a former jock who now owns a bar and lives above it with roommates) who were seniors in high school when they had her and gave her up. Lux is placed with her biological parents instead of being granted emancipation. Teen angst and parental sexual tension ensue!



  • The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards


Listening to:

  • feel good album Ripe by Ben Lee


Thinking about:

  • how to mute my biological clock, which has just jumped out of the bushes and scared the living sh*t out of me


6 thoughts on “I’m currently…

    1. he’s amazing isn’t he! I’ve had his albums forever, but you know how you listen to them over and over when they first come out and then move on to the next new thing? I am discovering him all over again! He’s also such a good summer soundtrack and we’re in the thick of it here in Australia! thanks for commenting xox

  1. It’s the dead of winter on the Pacific Coast in the States and up until yesterday it had been in the mid-70s (24°C). Yeah, I was listening to Something To Remember Me By recently, so I totally know what you mean. May I recommend Best Coast to add to your soundtrack (particularly “When I’m With You”)? Say, have you ever read the the Inspector Hal Challis mysteries by Garry Disher?

    1. I haven’t read the Hal Challis series, but Ive seen them in the book stores – it’s written by an Aussie writer isn’t it? I haven’t read many crime novels but I’m just getting into Karin Slaughter. I just started a new book called ‘A Brush with Mondrian’ by Yvonne Louis. I’m not far enough into it to comment, but it’s a historical fiction which I really enjoy! Yesterday I ordered that Camilla Lackberg book that you recommended on your blog, so it should arrive next week!

      1. Yes, Disher is an Aussie, that’s exactly why I mentioned him. I read three of the Hal Challis books–they were rather addictive. Say, If you like the Läckberg book–and get a on a (Swedish) crime fiction binge–check out Sun Storm by Åsa Larsson; it’s another debut from another Swedish woman. I haven’t read a lot of historical fiction, but I’ll make a note of the Louis book–thanks. The last bit o’ histfic I read was I, Fatty by Jerry Stahl.

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