breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

If I was held at gun point and forced to agree to only eat one meal a day for the rest of my life, it would have to be dinner.

Dinner is the best meal of the day.

While I enjoy meeting friends for weekend brekkies and will partake in the occasional Eggs Benedict, I am quite happy with two slices of toast, some fruit & yogurt or a bowl of cereal. In my opinion, breakfast is merely a wake up meal and fuel for the day ahead. (let’s just be clear that coffee is another thing altogether and is not bundled in my feelings about breakfast! coffee is has it’s own separate importance rating!)

By lunchtime, the meal is getting a little more interesting and important. Foodcourts are open, they serve burgers at Maccas and Sushi is a completely acceptable lunch choice.
But the idea of lunch is always better than the reality.
Like a Monet painting, food during lunch hour looks better from afar than up close.

Come dinner time and the world of epicurean delights is wide open.

It doesn’t matter where I have my evening meal or who I have it with, I am only limited for choice by my imagination!

Consider the following and let your imagination tantalize your taste-buds!

There is Japanese from any one of my three favourite in Sydney;
– the little alleyway diner Nakashima at The Rocks, where the Beef Tataki with Ponzu sauce is wafer thin, cooled ever-so-slightly and divinely delicious in it’s simplicity.
– then there’s Furusato in Pyrmont which is so cute situated in it’s authentic Machiya (house) with lovely waitresses and an abundance of little exciting side dishes, delicious Sukiyaki served in steaming hot cast iron pots and a BYO policy!
– lastly there is the quaint little diner in Glebe called Teriyaki, which has various tightly-rolled sushi, fresh sashimi and as it’s namesake suggests, fantastic teriyaki beef.

sushi and beef tataki

source: flickr

“Burgers for dinner” is one of my favourite phrases to say to my husband when he calls mid-afternoon to ask whats for dinner (yep, this happens almost everyday and if I don’t know/haven’t thought about it yet, he starts freaking out!). I prefer to make my own than go out for burgers. A nice, thick, well-spiced beef pattie, grilled onion, cheese, mustard, gerkins, beetroot, tomato & lettuce on a fresh, slightly toasted bread roll (the trick is to take the inside bread out of the roll so that you fit the guts of the burger in it without it all falling over!). I serve it with either homemade coleslaw or hand cut chips baked in the oven. Yum!


mmmmm, burger

source: flickr

Then there is always the myriad of restaurants to eat out at with friends. Our Dinner Club, which is a monthly culinary adventure with the Jacksons, is a shining example of raucously fun times, being adventurous with food and really good eating!
In our first year (2010) we tried a different cuisine each month and ate French, African, Austrian, Italian, Thai, Polish, Southern American, Japanese, Indian, Lebanese, Brazilian & Modern Australian. Sounds amazing right? Well it was!

As I sit here typing this out, my memory is flooded with amazing meals eaten at dinner time. Some have been high class dining experiences that are wonderful for their artful food but also serve as entertainment (Tetsuyas, Cafe Sydney, Becasse, Level 41) and then there are others that have been unexpected, cheap & cheerful, but they are all weaved together by their common ground; they are evening meals that bring people together to converse, share, laugh and relax over a plate or two of food.

And it doesn’t get any better than that.


Nakashima Japanese
7 Cambridge St, Sydney | (02) 9241 1364

Furusato Restaurant
48 Harris St, Pyrmont | (02) 9660 0477

Teriyaki Japanese Cuisine
144 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe | (02) 9566 1625

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