seriously sizzling in Sydney

Sydney has been sweltering under a week-long heat wave…culminating on Saturday in the hottest night in 20 years; the thermometer hitting 39°C after 5pm. Parramatta experienced it’s hottest day ever with 44.5°.  Almost everyone I’ve seen or spoken to is tired & lethargic from sleepless nights tossing & turning in the heat and general apathy to merely existing during this hell!

Our national news is a contrast in disasters; floods in Victoria & Queensland, bushfires in WA and the sweltering heatwave in NSW.

Crowds at Bondi Beach. Photo: Janie Barrett.
Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road flooded near Golf Links Road. Picture: Andrew Brownbill.
Perth fires.

Saturday night Jay & I went to the movies in the city to get out of the heat, even as we came out of the cinema at 9pm it was still 34°…

Sunday evening the Southerly winds arrived and you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as Sydneysiders opened their doors and windows to the cool change sweeping through. The usual weekly fireworks at Darling Harbour, which we can see from our balcony, was like a celebration welcoming the cool change (and not lauding the Chinese New Year)!

As much as I love our Summer, I’m seriously hanging out for winter and cooler weather. I look at the pictures of the blizzards over in the USA where cars are standing on their bonnets in the snow and I actually wish I was there, swapping one disaster for the other. It’s so much easier to get warmer than it is to get cooler.

I wish I was in a winter wonderland....


The grass is always greener….C’est la vie


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