virus of the voyeuristic kind

There’s something beautiful about people’s photos; that one moment where something, anything, is captured on film. It usually explains so much about people’s characters, or, what they want their character to portray to the world.

I love looking at photos of people; with friends, family, pets, on adventures, anything really. I’m one of those people that is genuinely interested in scrolling through all 1059 of your recent holiday snaps!!!

But I love none more than those photos of weird random people that are virally forwarded and arrive in your inbox just when you need a laugh…You know the ones…

like a car crash, it’s horrific but you just can’t look away


Wonder What???
what does this look say to you???
a nice bunny hood ornament!
I didnt realise the tracksuit could get any worse...
now everybody say....
stranger family outings have happened...right?
this is why you shouldnt wear leggings as pants. ever.
one of these things is doing his own thing
psssst....there's someone in the bushes
um? call child services?


source for all pics
here and here


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