2011 Academy Award Best Picture nominations | a review

The 2011 Academy Awards are on right now….and there are ten (that’s right, 10!) movies nominated for Best Picture this year. Just like every year, I tell myself I’m going to see all nominated movies but I usually don’t get around to a couple of them. This year hasn’t been any different, although I’ve managed to […]

impatiently waiting | Dead Reckoning; Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris’ official website puts the publication date of her new Sookie Stackhouse novel (#11), to this week on the 3rd May 2011. It isn’t available for pre-order on Book Depository as yet, so I’ll have to brave the astronomical shipping fees of Amazon to get it ASAP… There is a sneak-peek of the first […]

how much do I love international shipping?

thiiiiis much! and yep, thats my handy artwork! But seriously, the world is so much smaller with international shipping! Shops like Etsy, Saks, Book Depository & Light in the Box make the retail community easily accessible & most importantly, more competitive. I’m excited about last month’s online purchases… from the Book Depository three Quirk Classic mash-up […]

Baroque | dinner with the girls

My third visit to Baroque came courtesy of a night out with the girls. Mandy and I met after work at Odyssey Wine Bar for a pre-dinner drink  and catchup before heading over to meet Neen and Alissa for dinner. I am a huge fan of French cuisine. I love the robust yet simple flavours and the way […]