things I have learnt

  1. if you want to get attention, go walking with Harley
  2. there is little that can’t be fixed by a friend, a hug & a cup of tea
  3. everything looks better with candles & fairy lights
  4. butter makes everything taste better (evil butter, evil!)
  5. no matter how drunk you are, having a shower before going to bed will do wonders for your hangover
  6. always check that the lid is properly secured before taking a sip of your take-away coffee
  7. triple-check your “send to” email field just incase you’re sending something to the wrong person
  8. avocados ripen overnight if they’re hanging out in the fruit bowl with the bananas
  9. icecream is not dinner (as much as I’d like to think it is…)
  10. spiders don’t remember your mercy; kill them the first time

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