tried & tested | hard lollies

One of the great memories I have of my childhood is driving in the car with my Grandad. He would always have those little tins of hard boiled lollies and I would sit up the front in the middle of their Holden stationwagon and hold the little tin like it was a sacred prize and we’d just drive and every so often have a lolly.

I am a huge fan of gummy lollies but generally not one of the hard rock candy, but sometimes the jars and tins just look too pretty not to buy!

I saw these cute little jars from Opera Foods “The Lolly Shop” in Peter’s of Kensington and got them for a bargain of $4 a jar.

Raspberry Drops

these delightful little drops of hard boiled candy have a fruity taste and tangy kick; they have sherbert throughout so it kinda tingles the whole time you’re sucking on them. they are pretty & delicious! what more could you want?!

Rosey Apple Bits

these pillow shaped rock candies are smooth and syrupy sweet all the way through. when you’re nearing the end and can’t help yourself in chewing, they delicately crunch away like little shards of delicious fibreglass!

Opera Foods “the lolly shop” | made in australia | Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia

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