guns. vampires. action.

Vampires & Guns. What else could I want in a movie?!

I am impatiently waiting for the release of Priest a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller starring a kick-arse cast including Paul Bettany (as the title lead), Cam Gigandet (remember him from The OC and most recently Twilight), Maggie Q (Die Hard 4.0 and Nikita), Stephen Moyer (Bill!!!!), Karl Urban (the hot Kiwi from Red, Bourne Supremacy & Lord of the Rings) as well as Christopher Plummer (12 Monkeys, Dracula 2000, Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus), Alan Dale (the hardest working Aussie actor who stars in just about everything!) & Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks, Central Park West, Gilmore Girls & Sleepwalkers which is one of my all time fave Stephen King movies).

I love that vampires are now the lovable bloodsuckers but it’s long overdue for movies to return to slaying them – we can’t forget the original slayer Buffy or how kickarse Blade is, and lets not forget Daybreakers which was such an underrated film of 2009.

Anyway, I digress…back to Priest

Cam Gigandet starring as Hicks
Maggie Q starring as Priestess
Paul Bettany starring as Priest

 Slated for release on the 13th May 2011 (apparently we get shafted as it’s released 4th August here in Oz). Watch the trailer in the meantime…

pic source

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