who’s a good boy

Yesterday we lay in bed til 10am, only getting up at 6am to let Harley outside. We  took him on an uber 2 hour walk where he went swimming in the harbour – I don’t know where he thought he was going but he kept trying to paddle out towards the yachts. Noobcake.

There’s a new cafe right near our place called Blackwattle Cafe that just opened so we stopped in on our way back and got coffees, I walked out the doors and accidentally tipped the entire hot contents all down the front of myself, before I even took a sip. Dammit.

We watched The Tourist at the movies in the arvo and ate Ben & Jerry’s (yay, finally in Australia!!!). The movie was really good. I don’t care what those stupid critics say. And it was funny. An action adventure. Angelina and Depp were awesome although Depp’s character is a bit flat for the first half of the movie. It’s good though.

At 6.30pm we did our first kickboxing class at Sweatbox gym. It was hard core and heaps of fun. At one point I thought I was going to throw up. That’s when you know you’re working hard! Today my arms are killing so much it’s hurting to type…

We topped off our day with Thai from up the road and watched Tomorrow When the War Began which is probably the best Aussie movie I’ve seen in forever! It didn’t surprise me that Jay hadn’t read the book as a teenager, after all he’s only finished 4 books in his life!

monster in the park

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