in vino veritas

Once apon a time in ancient Rome there was a Military Commander and Philosopher (because of course these two vocations go hand in hand!) named Gaius Plinius Secundus, or Pliny the Elder to his friends, who studied & pondered the Germanic wars of the time and dubbed the saying in vino veritas, meaning in wine there is truth. According to his research, the Germanic people always drank wine when in council as it was common knowledge that drunk people can’t lie!

Despite dying in the eruption that levelled his city of Pompeii, old Pliny was on to something, and over time there have been other cultures cottoning similar phrases (Babylonian, Greek & Chinese). 2000+ years later, his latin phrase rings true…

Here is my own anthropological study of truth in wine (aka alcohol) and the revealing character of those who partake in too much of it…

Case & Point 1: my husband Jay who, when drunk, befriends anyone and everyone and proceeds to invite them all to our small flat. It doesn’t matter if his huge tattooed manliness cuts a scary figure when bounding up to said stranger for a big crushing arm hug! People in general love him. It’s true island hospitality!

Case & Point 2: my Mother! She turns into a flirtatious, giggling chatterbox when tipsy. Which actually isn’t too far off her sober personality. She didn’t drink growing up and only had her first real drink in her 40’s. It’s like a intensified projection of her normal persona, and it’s fricking hilarious to watch!

Case & Point 3: me. I will admit that I am quite loud and opinionated in general. Get a few drinks into me and I get louder, hyper excited and then something strange happens; I find range on my people-disliking-radar. It’s a rare occasion that I find someone who I don’t actually like, but I have found that if I meet someone when I’ve got a few too many under my belt and I don’t actually like them then, then it’s unlikely that I’ll get along with them when I’m sober. The most recent interaction was a friend of a friend who I met on NYE. A few days later and I’m still thinking about what a tool he is…

Case & Point 4: my BFF Gracie. She could quite well get the life story from a brick wall, and when she’s drunk she turns into Dr Phil; she’ll entice your life story and then proceed to fix the emotional issues that you didn’t know you had!

Case & Point 5: our good mate James. By the light of sobriety, Mr Clarke moonlights as a responsible husband and father, but after a few too many, his inner crazy comes out and he proceeds to morph into Evel Knievel the uber-daredevil who speeds down hills unassisted in a shopping trolley, car surfs and pours hot sauce down his throat!

Case & Point 6: Kyle Aitken aka Dr Dance. When unassuming Kyle the Accountant lets loose, his wife disappears for fear of embarrassment and Dr Dance lets loose. He has some serious moves that would serve John Travolta and is an unstoppable red wine monster. That is until he passes out in a hilarious heap!

So as you can see from my group of crazy alcohol affected friends/family, none are violent drunks who come home sans front teeth, but they are crazy lovable nutbags who let loose, befriend anyone, moonlight as psychiatrists and do stupid shit that hasn’t gotten them arrested (yet)! 

Can you imagine how boring the world would be without a little vino?!

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