one, two, three and breathe


It’s been such a mammoth year. Both work wise and personally. And as of 2pm yesterday I am on 3 weeks holiday. Three! Three! Three!

Yesterday I hit a milestone – 10 years service at DDA! I’m so proud of the hard work I’ve done to get where I am in my career. I honestly like my job. It’s challenging and rewarding, and I get to see the impact of the work I do on people’s everyday life (voice of Lara on Vodafone, keeping the backbone of the TV stations and media running, work on the Digital Revolution, improving NSW Health and transforming Dept Environment to the digital age!). I didn’t take the traditional route via uni to get to where I am, but I compare myself (as we always do at one time or another) to my friends and I’m really happy with all my hard work and effort – it’s made me a better person; I’ve got business acumen and social responsibility outside of my own little personal bubble. But most of all, right now, I’m happy. So, I’ll pat myself on the back for a moment or two and then move along.

This year I moved house (and suburb), failed an exam, holidayed in Fiji, realised that some friends aren’t really friends at all, came to terms with my non-existent relationship with my Dad, got a puppy, agonised over my husband changing jobs, continually worried about my addict younger brother, stressed about not being able to buy a house yet, defended my apparently superfluous life choices on several fronts (no kids, lack of religion), battled my weight, asked for (and received) a good payrise, won a couple of work awards, attended 1 funeral, 2 weddings, 8 birthday parties and 3 baby showers, had some memorable games with the kids at the outreach centre, started learning German, read 37 books (20 down from last year) and changed my hair colour. Phew – no wonder I’m tired.

Right at this moment Harley stinks. And he’s driving me nuts. When we first got him in August I was barely coping with the change he bought to our life and the adjustment it took to this little creature; following me around, making a mess, toilet training, separation anxiety, teaching him how to behave and trying to understand his whines, barks and other noises. Today I’m pretty comfortable with him and how he’s progressing. He’s been through two training courses, he’s lost all his puppy teeth and last week he got desexed. That takes me to his current state of being; driving me crazy because he can’t go outside for a run, go to doggy daycare or have a shower because he has stitches. And he has to wear one of those ridiculous bucket neck collars because when you turn you’re back for one second, he’s there licking away like there’s no tomorrow. And, like he’s getting his revenge on us, his toilet training has taken a backwards step. Yesterday he pooed in the house and today he peed right in front of me. I snapped, rubbed his nose in it, belted him and then shoved him outside. Poor fella. He slunk in and lay next to the door for half an hour until he got the courage to come in and lie under the table where I was sitting. He’s still a little tentative with me. I’ll really try not to loose it again…

I met Anthony for lunch, then got my hair done yesterday arvo and finished my gift shopping. I have already given Mandy/Nath and James/Nat/Patrick their pressie. I have Grace/Rob’s, Ian/Neen’s and Dawes sorted as well as darling husbands and the 2 pressies we had to buy for Kris Kringle with the family. I’ve sent the Christmas cards. I am done 🙂  I even got to try out the new Top Ryde shopping centre in which all the stores were open til well past 8pm when I left!

Jay is downstairs cleaning out the car in readiness for packing, before he goes off on a man-date with Ian to see Tron Legacy. I will take Harley to get dry groomed (without water because of those stupid damn stitches) and get all the Christmas groceries before we head up the F3 to Salamander Bay, where I will sit on the balcony, walk along the sand, down a few brewskies and try not to fight with my brother for the next 7 days.

again…sigh…and thank consumerism that I have public holidays and a given excuse to take time off work to spend on with myself, family and friends.

So, dearest random reader, what are you proud of most this Christmas?

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