“The shower curtain fell. I think it’s paranormal.”

I read that quote somewhere once and thought it was so hilarious, and from time to time I think of it and it cracks me up!

The last 6 days have been fantastic! Here are my highlights:

  • Views & Vino on Wednesday night; fabulous looking friends and OTT dining experience for our 2010 Dinner Club finale at Wildfire (waaaay too heavy on the wallet, but what the heck, it’s Christmas!)
view from our table
  • Thursday night date night with Jay; ditching my Xmas party in lieu of divine Mexican food and popcorn while oogling Jake & Anne in Love & Other Drugs at the movies (soooo good Tam & Phil you have to see it!)
    “You meet thousands of people and none of them touch you. Then you meet one and your life is changed forever.”

  • Friday morning brekkie; after dropping Harley off to get neutered and before dropping Jay off to work, we had the best poached eggs & coffee at a cafe in Rozelle
  • the arrival of my new washing machine; living without a washing machine for just over a week was Painful with a capital P. I love my new Electrolux.
the clean machine
  • Saturday night with gorgeous friends at Rojo Rockets in Avoca for James’ belated birthday and general pre-Christmas catchup. Including cuddles with Patrick who was trying to breastfeed on me (nothing there buddy!), seeing Kim’s tummy moving (Aliens anyone?) and eating one of the best Mexican meals I’ve had to date. In addition to this, looking at my friend Mandy and realising that she is truely beautiful in looks and spirit.
Mandy & Mel
Kim's baby belly
Skoolz & Jay
  • Sunday sleep in! Making Ninjabread Men, speaking to Spaciecakes, purchasing a cute white sundress with 40% off (!) and generally being happy at home with my two boys (one of the human kind, the other the canine kind) 🙂
  • Monday night Lebanese….aaaahhhh Shishtawook & Mansaf, you are God-send

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