the Oprah show comes to town

Sydney has been buzzing with Oprah fever! Actually, scrap that….the whole of Australia has hives of excitement with Oprah fever!

Last week Oprah and her 200+ guests arrived in various parts of Oz and have proceeded to pat Koalas, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, climb the Harbour Bridge, drink VB, eat food from the barbie and schmooz with our celebrities (Oprah & Rusty in Rabbitohs caps on the harbour!).

Russell Crowe & Oprah


I have been watching the news and following their updates online and am just so excited for them! We have such an amazing country and it’s so lovely to see it through the eyes of tourists who are not only excited to play tourist, but are also amped with being apart of the biggest show on earth (this is the first time in the show’s 24 year history that it’s filmed outside of the US)!

Working in The Rocks which is a stones throw from the Opera House (dubbed the Oprah House for the week!) you get a first hand look at the hype & mass crowds wandering the city, generated by the Oprah bandwagon – it has been manic.  The weather, which has been threatening rain, fortunately held off but the storm of sightseers trying to catch a glimpse of the most famous woman in the world descended like a cyclone. On Tuesday, I thought I’d take a leisurely stroll down to the Quay to see if I could spot her but it was insanely packed. I decided against it and went back to the office. The council was even encouraging people to stay away from Circular Quay!

Whether you’re in agreement of her fabulousness or not, you have to acknowledge that this will mean great things for the waning Aussie tourism – already the Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson has said that the $5million spent to get her over here has reaped $14million from the US. And that’s only in the last 2 weeks. Oprah makes and breaks careers and with her onboard, naming herself the unofficial Aussie ambassador, her support and endorsement will generate visitors for years to come.

I ,like another few million fans, entered the show ticket ballot but didn’t get a ticket to her show taping. Here are some pics from twitter via from audience members:

audience lined up on Macquarie Street
the city's Oprah banners flying in the wind
the audience seating on the steps of the "Oprah" House
audience view from stage right
renamed: the Oprah House

Now that she’s done and dusted, I’m sure Sydney will have an excitement hangover, similiar to the alcoholic one I had last Friday after my Christmas Party!

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