my attendance is bad but my intentions are good

Yesterday morning, Jay nonchalantly told me that he’s decided not to care about work for the rest of the year because he’s “Holiday Jay” in Christmas mode!

This means that he’s not going to meetings unless absolutely necessary and he’s started a movement to bring in casual wear from now til he breaks for the holidays!

I’m only too aware of the fact that there’s 2.5 weeks left of the work year, but I think Holiday-Jay has rocked up in shorts and a t-shirt a little prematurely! He even mentioned taking Harley to work for a day! (somehow, I don’t think a little feral, albeit cute, black puppy running around campus, jumping on all the ladies and chasing the ducks would go down too well over there in North Ryde…)

I still have so much work to get done, not to mention all the social catch-ups and parties that are happening in December. But I love the idea and the general consensus of casualness that happens around this time of year. As our summer kicks in and the end-of-year business lunches ramp up, it’s generally accepted that your work professionalism fades just a little.

In my project status meeting yesterday, my usually- grumpy & surly project sponsor cracked a few jokes and agreed with everything I said! Talk about Christmas miracles!

So, Santa, if you’re out there, just remember that my intentions are good but over the next few weeks, my attendance may be a little bad 😉


2 thoughts on “my attendance is bad but my intentions are good

  1. Yes well ‘holiday-Jay’ has spent ALL DAY un-bricking his phone!!! hehehe..

    So as of tomorrow, ‘XMAS Jay’ will be in full effect after meeting up with Jackson for some brewskis and xbox and Xmas party Friday!!! Yay and UFC Sunday, then wifey Xmas party Thursday and Xmas Party 2 on Friday!!! Yaya!!!

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