Songs to Love and Die By

I have an obsession with music.

To curb my addiction, I troll the web (blog sites and youtube) to find new and exciting artists that aren’t well know yet, I write down partial names of songs in movies so I can find the artist, and I create playlists!

I am constantly making mega playlists.
I burn them to CD and give them to friends (Gracie and I are always swapping CDs), or they stackup in the car for driving excursions or I update them to my iPod and take it everywhere.

Each playlist is for something specific – for example;
– workout
– chillout
– happy playlist
– driving
– RnB greatest
– classical or modern instrumental
– dinner music
I currently have almost 10,000 songs on my iTunes and I haven’t migrated any of my 200+ CDs (which are sitting in boxes under the stairs) into iTunes yet….
Here is my list of all time favourite songs in no particular order or genre. For the purposes of this blog, I’ve had to make a cutoff number, so I’ve stopped at 40….but oh how I could go on!

  1. My Travelling Star – James Taylor
  2. Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer
  3. Forever Young – Youth Group
  4. Over and Over – Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
  5. Ooh Child – Nina Simone
  6. Nothing Compares to You – Sinead O’Connor
  7. Me, Myself & I – Beyonce
  8. Begin – Ben Lee
  9. The Real Thing (acoustic version) – Gwen Stefani
  10. Hold On – Angus & Julia Stone
  11. Over My Head – The Fray
  12. My Boo – Usher & Alicia Keys
  13. Together Again – Janet Jackson
  14. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
  15. Up On the Roof – James Taylor
  16. One More Day – New Edition
  17. I Wanna Sex You Up  – Color Me Badd
  18. Fast Car – Tracey Chapman
  19. That’s the Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson
  20. Strawberry Fields – The Beatles
  21. Days Like This – Kim Taylor
  22. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
  23. Love Is Waiting – Brooke Fraser
  24. Here Comes the Sun – Nina Simone
  25. Pictures of You – The Cure
  26. Hide & Seek – Imogen Heap
  27. Champagne Supernova – Oasis
  28. Gravity – Sarah Bareilles
  29. Tonight I Wanna Cry – Keith Urban
  30. Every Breathe You Take – The Police
  31. Feel Me Flow – Naughty by Nature
  32. Eternal Flame – The Bangles
  33. True Colors – Cindi Lauper
  34. You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
  35. No Ordinary Love – Sade
  36. Water Runs Dry – Boyz II Men
  37. Days like This – Van Morrison
  38. In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins
  39. Viva la Vida – Coldplay
  40. The End – The Doors

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