things to make you go woo!

Sometimes it feels like all I do is go to work, come home, eat, sleep, get up and do it all over again. You know that ground hog day feeling that your life can sometimes slide into?

Well, we all need mini hits of happiness where we can find them! And here are a few things that could result in a tingly happy feeling or even just put a smile on your face:

  1. finding the milk with the longest used-by date hiding at the back of the supermarket shelf
  2. Cyanide & Happiness cartoons
  3. getting the “Get it?” picture word game in the SMH Good Weekend mag
  4. chewing your gum really loud when no-one is around
  5. getting a rock star car park!
  6. that first great cup of coffee at the start of your week
  7. youtube: Terry Tate Linebacker & The Old Spice Guy
  8. paying $5 for a glass of wine at happy hour and finding it tastes (reasonably) ok
  9. taste testing cherries in the supermarket
  10. pictures of (angry) cats stuck in vases
  11. writing your name in the air with a lit sparkler
  12. finding a $ note in your jacket
  13. rationalising big purchases as “investments”. you’re so good at investing you should work on wall street…
  14. when your blowdry lasts more than 2 days and still looks good
  15. Cold Rock icecream (especially with gummy bears, snickers & bountys smashed up)
  16. shop names with puns…a bottlo called “rhythm and booze”, “thaitanic” the Thai restaurant and the Blue Mountains fish restaurant “grillers in the mist”
  17. getting a great performance review at work
  18. the fact that team-Eric kicks team-Bill’s arse!
  19. looking through school Horizons (yearbook). aaaah, how far you’ve come!
  20. peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches
  21. when the airconditioners go off at the end of the work day and you realise what real silence is
  22. the new leaf of your pot plant – I can nurture life!
  23. making vegimite and butter worms with vita-wheat
  24. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  25. when you see people walking down the street in the PJ bottoms
  26. that moment when you realise the radio is playing your fave old school song
  27. Alt Tab : from Facebook to Excel in 1 second
  28. when all your TV shows are downloaded and waiting for you on Friday night
  29. discovering which famous author you write like at
  30. finishing a really good book…and knowing theres a sequel
  31. puppies chewing on their leash as their walking
  32. the Malaysian word “kontal-kontil” , which describes the swinging of long-earrings as you walk. how did we ever live without it?
  33. getting back from the restaurant bathroom to find your food is waiting
  34. people who say hello as they walk past
  35. making up dances to anything and everything
  36. rapping all the words to Ice Ice Baby
  37. goose pimples from a sexy kiss
  38. clean sheets
  39. playing on the swings in the park
  40. high-fives (you know Im bringing that back in a big way!)
  41. kids dressed as superheroes
  42. playing the If I won the Lotto game
  43. getting in the car and seeing that the “petrol fairy” has filled the tank again!
  44. $5 sale items at Diva
  45. vanilla bean. the most divine smell ever.

One thought on “things to make you go woo!

  1. Oooh, ooh, I have things to say!! Numbers 2 & number 4 are things that make Ian happy too. Although he chews his gum loudly regardless of who is around.

    My Dad always seems to manage number 5 & number 12, but these never happen to me!

    Numbers 13, 18 & 22 made me laugh. When we came back from holidays our plants had grown ferociously. Apparently it’s the nitrogen from the lighting in the air that does it.

    Numbers 20, 36, 38 make me happy! And 41-44 make me VERY happy. I love it when you’re grocery shopping and the next thing you know, superman is looking at you thorugh the shelves!

    Oh and whenever I see people writing their names with sparklers, I always think of you.

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