the heat is on

summer is  finally here!
it’s hot outside.
i found myself thinking…
in the midst of the stifling heat, i really hope i don’t forget….
how i love to pile my hair up and drive with the windows down & the sunroof open.
how i adore country music in the summer.
how relaxing a day at the beach is.
how refreshing ice cold water is.
how lucky i am to live near the harbour.
how good BBQs in the evenings are.
how much i love the smell of jasmine.
the smell & taste of summer fruits.
how fun picnics in the park under a shady tree are.
heading to the fish markets to pick up a delicious catch.
the skin looks way sexier with a tan.
how comfortable sarongs are to wear.
how much i love the open air cinema.
to stop and breathe in the hot summer air.
to escape the heat in the dark, cool movie cinema.
the simple joy of eating an iceblock when half of it is running down your arm.
to just enjoy summer and not let it slip by.
heating up in Pyrmont bay

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