the week at it’s finest

I’ve had a pretty good week this week! It’s been jam-packed with meetings and reporting, but it’s Saturday and I feel good. Here’s what I’m thankful for over the past week:

  • quality time with Jay (Sydney Symphony on Monday night!)
  • quality time with Harley walking in the Park
  • seeing my two males sleeping perfectly together; so adorable!
  • meeting little Patrick Trevena Clarke and having a great night with the new parents
  • coffee from Cafe Morso
  • mid-week dessert as a treat
  • the most thoughtful postal surprise from my girl Mandy
  • Homecoming by Bernhard Schlink which I am thoroughly engrossed in
  • getting the most beautiful & thoughtful voicemail from Gracie
  • receiving cute little text msgs to brighten my day from Neen
  • finally catching up with my favourite work buddy Phil; we’ve been ships in the night for weeks!
  • re-discovering a classic photo from year 12 and sending it to Jules & Lin for a laugh!
  • booking dinner club for next week! Jay’s last pick of the year…brazillian BBQ!
  • the arrival of Mum & Col – yay!
  • picking up a completely tuckered out Harley from daycare…quiet dog = heaven
Harley in the Park
the sleepover
Sanna Annukka mug from Mrs & Mr Williamson!
Mel's Eaton Mess
magnificent Morso coffee
L-R: Mel, Lin, Janine, Julian circa 1996

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