the arrival of dear Lizzie

My Mum arrives today! My Mum arrives today! Yay! Yay! Yay!

It’s been toooooo long….and finally she & Col will arrive from Perth!

I have planned a great weekend; starting with Haystacks and DVDs tonight, big walk with Harley tomorrow, dinner tomorrow night at Blue Plate in Neutral Bay (southern American food), a spa for Mum & I then a massage for Mum with Vivienne at Nature’s Energy on Sunday!

It’s going to be so good to have her home!

oh yeah, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

One thought on “the arrival of dear Lizzie

  1. Have a wonderful weekend. Mummy time is precious! Speshially when you haven’t seen your Mum in ages.

    I hope she loves Natures Energy. Well, how could she not?

    And this is a most beautiful picture of you Miss Melster!

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