a week ago today…

…I turned 32!

During dinner club the night before, Janine asked me what we were doing on my birthday to which I replied “going to Gold Class to watch Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D!”. She replied that it is truely like me; it’s either fine dining or gory movie with popcorn & maltesers! And true to that statement, first was the movie & popcorn with hubbie and then the week ended with fine dining with friends!

I had a lovely birthday; at work during a mid-morning meeting, the team set up a cake* with candles and turned off the lights so I could arrive to them singing happy birthday in the dark! It was sweet. (The * denotes the fact that the cake was infact a mound of brownies with a candle on top that they procured from the downstairs cafe!) None of the girls were around, so the boys took me to lunch at Wok on Inn, and then Jay took me out to the movies, where slight drama ensued (Macquarie Gold Class strikes again…they never get anything right…the food & drinks didnt arrive til the end of the movie so we had to cancel the order, we ended up eating Maccas for dinner).

cake @ work
Macca's for my 32nd birthday dinner! How classy!

My celebration dinner with friends was on Saturday night and it was so lovely. We went to Baroque in the City and had delicious French food, with good wine, surrounded by the pretty ambience and of course my friend’s wonderful company.

Lin, Mel, Gracie, Tam
Anthony & Bianca
Gracie & Rob
Mands & Mel

Jay, being the total darling that he is, organised fireworks out the window (haha!) and a beautiful cake custom made for yours truly…sponge, marscapone cream, strawberrie & gold leaf….

happy birthday Melly love Harley & Jay!
mmmmm, birthday cake

Big ups to Gracie for coming down even though she was sick (& for getting cricket man to leave early-ish) and to Tam for dragging her entire family and conning Leon into staying at Lindy’s place to babysit; I love you guys!

And here is my birthday loot!

little blue box : from Jay
WoodWick candles from Jay
pink clutch purse from Mum & Col
from Gracie: cute card + money for Benefit bronzer & lipgloss
Napoleon mini kit from Tam
basket of gourmet goodies from Janine & Ian
bottle of Veuve Clicquot from Lindy
Hand spun silk table runner from Lydia & Tim


Autographed Bill Granger cookbook from James & Nat

So, what a wonderful way to enter into my 32nd year! I am truly blessed and loved.

One thought on “a week ago today…

  1. Your presents look fabulous! I love that clutch and I want one of those Napolean make up sets! I haven’t seen Woodwick candles before but am going to look them up.

    Wish we had been there for your party.

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