• Im thinking of my friends and smiling.
  • Im so happy-sore from my 1.5 hour massage.
  • Im thankful to have spent time with my Aunty Lydia and her husband Tim; a woman of true courage & fantastic humour and a man who is loving and supportive.
  • Ive had had a wonderful birthday that was celebrated twice!
  • Im more in love with my husband than ever, who takes such good care of me and spoils me rotten!
  • Im contemplating my stance on cloning.
  • My Ecoya melts (from Janine) look fantastic in my new burner.
  • Im wringing my hands with glee – I have birthday loot!
  • The movie “30 days of night; dark days” just isnt keeping my attention.
  • The chicken in the oven is smelling really good.
  • It’s too cold for Spring!
  • I dont want to go to work tomorrow 😦
  • My love/hate relationship with Harley is seriously tipping to “love”.
  • Im wishing Janine & Ian happy holidays and “sheer driving pleasure”.
  • I feel proud when interstate people rave about Sydney!

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