The Wind That Blew My Heart Away

In amoungst the unseasonably icy, gale-force winds, my two gorgeous friends got married on Saturday.

the Williamsons!

I have known Nath for 17 years! We started as swimming buddies and have stayed friends throughout the years. He helped set me up with Jay and was a groomsman at our wedding in 2005. Nath is a kind, gentle but stubborn man. He waited til we all thought he would remain a bachelor til he found his perfect woman.

He met a beautiful Welsh lass in a drunken crowd at Jazz in the Vines 2008. And she is many wonderful things including beautiful, funny, intelligent & caring.

I am so fortunate to love her dearly. Their ceremony and reception was purely them; casual, intimate & fun.

What a wonderful day – congratulations Mr & Mrs Williamson!

2 thoughts on “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away

  1. thanks Melly, so glad you took photo’s and have shared them. They look so happy together, is that Nat with the baby belly? can’t wait to come home and meet all, I have missed out on so much the last couple of years

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