the little princess turns five

My friend Tam and I have been friends since 1987. That’s 23 years!

When I got to Avondale in year 3 she was the first person to invite me on a play date. We’ve been friends ever since.

This is her gorgeous oldest daughter Willow, who just turned 5.

Willow Lee Dawes
Willow @ the beach
Willow 2008
Willow June 2010
Willow - Australia's Next Top Model 2021

Here is my favourite artwork so far (customised to the dress she’s wearing above)

Willow's mushroom drawing for Mel

Happy birthday my sweet little angel!

Happy Birthday Miss Willow

2 thoughts on “the little princess turns five

  1. My, my, time fly’s. Can’t believe it’s been that long, and now young Willow, whom I have not yet met (am dying to as I have heard so much about), is 5 years old. What a blessing Melly that you have such great life long friends

  2. I love seeing those old photos. I wish that time had flown for me, but it has been one weary long march to this point in time – and that makes me appreciate it so much more and never take it for granted!

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