what if God was one of us

This week’s episode of Glee got me thinking…about what I hold sacred and dear.

It’s taken me all of my life to figure out my thoughts and views on spirituality and religion. And while I don’t believe in God or a higher power, a couple of my close girlfriends are Christians. I’m sure they’ll be the first to admit that they’re not always shining examples of Christianity, but we’re all only human right? The best we can strive for is to be better people; bigger than every day trivialities, open our minds to the world around us, try hard not to judge others, not to force our opinions on anyone else, help those who & when they need it, limit our damage on the earth and to try and reign in our acid tongues (that last one is particualarly for me).

Kurt’s Dad had a heart attack and ended up in hospital in a coma. Fin saw a picture of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich and dubbed it “Cheesus” (love the satorical boundary pushing here) and prayed to it like it was a Genie granting him three wishes. The Glee Club wanted to sing spiritual songs to help uplift Kurt, who admitted he was an atheist, but were banned because of the ‘church vs state’ education laws. Mercedes eventually talked Kurt into going to church and explained that its OK for people to believe in God or not, but that everyone has to have something that they believe in and something that they hold sacred to help them through life.

For me, it’s my friendships, my family and my dreams for the future.

Recently I had, not really a bust up, but more of a friendship redefinition with a close girlfriend. The akwardness of not being as close as we used to be was building for some time and we finally spoke at length and in great detail about what our friendship means. It means something different to both of us and something that she said to me really stuck with me; she said that I hold on to my friendships and expect a lot because I give a lot. At the time she made it sound like it was a high maintenance thing. But over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking more and more on it, and I hope it’s a trait that I never lose.

I want to be the sort of person that people can trust and confide in. I want to see my friends regularly. I want to be the sort of person that family members would want to be friends with (you know that saying about you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family…).

So with these thoughts swirling in my mind, I list my sacred things in my life (in no order because being sacred they are all important);

  • my relationship with Jay; being both a good friend and a good lover
  • my relationship with my Mum; knowing that she loves me unconditionally and I can tell her anything really helps
  • quality time with my friends; it sucks that general life busy-ness gets in the way, but making scheduled dates to catchup is key and talking on the phone is super important (not just emailing and texting). I also enjoy couple dates; I really love being part of a double-date and generally I do this with Jay’s mates. Im fortunate to truely love the company of them and their wives
  • being with family; there is a nice feeling about being part of a collective, being with people who you don’t feel like you have to impress and with whom you have a shared history. This may not happen very often for me, but I do enjoy it thoroughly when it does.
  • music; it just makes everything better, no matter what the circumstance (both listening and playing)
  • reading; I love learning new things and being in another world, it feeds my imagination and I admire the talent of good authors who can do this and can make me feel something
  • cooking/eating;  so much happens over a good meal – you talk, laugh, make plans, and share. I love cooking for people as I love the joy good food brings to everyone. I think it’s one of the most important ways to show your love is to cook for people.
  • being outside; I go a little stir-crazy when I’m cooped up for too long. I love walking in the fresh air, lying on the grass in the sun, feeling the sand on my feet, breathing deeply and smelling nature
  • planning the future & the feeling of accomplishment; having a good plan is the first (and most fun) part, and then you just get on with it
  • being a caring person; with other people’s feeling and the environment
  • having a hobby; this includes cook & music but also blogging. I love to blog and to express myself out into the ether. I know a few people read it, but I also imagine strangers reading my words and looking at my pictures and hopefully people who know me can understand me better and strangers can possibly relate no matter where they’re from

One thought on “what if God was one of us

  1. I haven’t seen this episode yet but it reminds me of last week, while telling the children’s story at church. Every time I said, “Baby Jesus,” I was thinking, “Baby Cheeses.” I can’t even remember where that comes from but it is funny.

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