the long happy weekend

How wonderful is it to get out of the city and surround yourself in the Australian bush and beach!

For our fifth wedding anniversary we bought ourselves a puppy. And for our fifth wedding anniversary weekend we went away to Bawley Point.

I do love the South Coast but the traffic down there and back is a total bitch. Why oh why doesn’t the government upgrade the Princes Hwy….stupid Keneally. (And why oh why did I leave the road trip play list to Jay?)

Anyway….we went bush walking, ate our favourite foods (cheese, haystacks & BBQ), slept in, introduced Harley to the beach, kept on high “tick” alert, drank champers and watched Arnie movies. It was a fabulous weekend!



 The location:


Bawley Bush Cottages

bathroom counter
the library
the bedroom
the verandah


The food:



grand final food (no pies here!)

blueberry pancakes


 The surroundings:

the bush

Harley the bush dog

guitar man

the cows

Harley the beach dog
Harley's first swim

the Williams


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