a run down of my sunday

Sunday is my 3rd favourite day; the runner-up to Saturday (my favourite day – first day of the weekend so you still have another day and there are no chores!) and Friday (my second favourite – because I work from home in the arvo and I clean the house so it’s nice and spotless, and Jay & I catch up on our weekly TV shows).

We started today with a semi sleep-in til 8.30am, although this was hard to do with Jay inviting Harley up in the bed after his 7am toilet trip and Harley’s subsequent lick-a-thon! He eventually calmed down so that we could all get some more sleep.

We had a nice human’s brekkie (translation: brekkie without the puppy) at our fave Glebe cafe. Jay went to the pub to meet Ian to watch the UFC and I went and had a mani/pedi and bought two cute summer dresses in broadway ($36 each!).

I got home at 2pm and took Harley for a long walk to the park. He’s getting so good on the leash, but it’s frustrating that everyone wants to stop for a pat and comment how cute he is, which makes him ultra excited so he pees on himself and he doesn’t listen to me. Oh well, he could be worse, like those Western-Sydney parvo infected dogs (this isn’t a snobbish generalisation, the Vet said that parvo is found out West, which adds another reason to the list of why you should never go out there – sorry Rosie!).

I also had the best massage of my life at Nature’s Energy in Glebe. My usual masseuse has left so I go Vivienne who is amazing! I feel so much better and booked in for an extra long session next month.

Harley is currently distracting me with his latest weirdo behaviour – licking the wall. Sometimes he’s too weird for words. Goes to show he’s definitely my dog!

I got to speak to my Mummy today and to Gracie. And when I got home from my massage Jay had done all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen 🙂 Have I mentioned I love my husband? 

We had grilled chicken with fresh pasta made with basil, tomato, capers, red onion and bocconcini for dinner & watched the first episodes of Glee (there is nothing better than Empire State of Mind on the school steps – musical perfection!) and Supernatural with my favourite TV men Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki.

I did four loads of washing, vaccumed (again), helped the downstairs neighbour, cleaned the courtyard and folded the washing.

I feel accomplished. And tired. So I’m going to bed.

One thought on “a run down of my sunday

  1. Lol! Its not only the dogs that are infected out this way either darls !!
    Harley licking windows thats so cute!! I wonder if he licks his reflection in the mirror ..
    Hmmm.. my weekend (which ended this morning at 2.30 am) included helicopters over the house (AGAIN) lunching at the Cricketeers Arms, dancing at PJ Gallaghers and spending Saturday at Avondale College hahaha .. so random!

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