today i’m thankful for

beautiful girlfriends that talk to me when I’m driving, call me for impromptu road trips (whether I can go or not!), give me inspiring cook books, send delightful random loving texts, listen to me when I whinge about the latest work crisis

long walks around the harbour

my little Harley boy

youre so vain

a weekend of no plans

people who smile and say ‘good morning’ on my morning walk

a warm spring day

strangers complimenting my scarf


looking forward to a massage tomorrow

pure vanilla candles


the new seasons of Glee, Fringe, Vampire Diaries & Gossip Girl

gossip girl
vampire diaries

a surprise addition Gourmet Traveller magazine in the mail

gourmet traveller

the cake I just made for dessert (sponge with mascarpone cream, peach & passionfruit jam, strawberries & passionfruit; inspired by Tam)

strawberry, passionfruit & marscarpone cream sponge
mmm cake

my hubbie’s strong arms wrapping around me for hugs

Jay's hugs are awesome


my new word dress by CastCouture

the rest of the weekend

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