the devil is in the (lack of) detail

How much would you expect to pay for a litre of icecream? 

Think about it for a few seconds. Probably around $7 right (something with a brand name & low-fat)? Maybe $12 if it’s Maggie Beer and for a special occasion… 

So you could imagine my surprise when my husband said he paid $20 for a litre of icecream last night!
“It’s highway robbery” I exclaimed! But apparently that’s what happens when
a) your well-meaning husband goes to buy the icecream, and
b) you don’t clarify the price range or brand, and
c) his golden heart is trying to pick out just the perfect icecream for your friend whose birthday it was and whose favourite flavours are strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough, and
d) he buys it from IGA (better prices my arse) and from the fridge that has all the fancy brands that also don’t have prices!

But, bless his cotton socks, his heart was in the right place and because he gets flustered by situations that require quick decisions on things he isn’t familiar with and/or postal services, he just handed over the $20 note and took the evil thing.  

We didn’t even end up eating it with Mandy because we were too full of Indian food! 

So Jay & I cracked it open tonight, and shock horror, ColdRock is better! 

exhibit A


One thought on “the devil is in the (lack of) detail

  1. you make me laugh. But I remember the time we visited you in Sydney and went to buy ice cream, could we find a super market around Star city. Hell no!! We ended up paying a ridiculous price for 250gms, but oh as I recall, it was worth it in the end

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