the delightful weekend

My sneaking suspicions that Gosford is 10 years behind Sydney has been confirmed! Well, they’re at least 3 years behind.

I had a wonderful weekend catching up with my dear girlfriends north of Sydney, and while driving through Gosford on Sunday I saw Vote for Rudd / Vote for Neil (as in Belinda) posters still up in the streets.

Earth to Gosford council – that was 3+ years ago. Get with the times people!

“You’re acting like a thing from another tax bracket.”

So backing up 24 hours earlier….Saturday started with a trip to my favourite Glebe breakfast haunt Le Patisserie for take-away coffee and pastries, dropping Jay & Harley off at the park and driving up the F3 to Tam’s place for a yummy lunch (of chicken, pasta salad with olives and artichoke, Gracie’s roast potato salad & Tam’s scrum-diddly-umptious strawberry, passionfruit & cream sponge), checking out Miss-W & Miss-F’s sparkling clean bedrooms and watching poor Pippin slink into the proverbial basement of the Dawes lives (Tam, seriously, you need to help a poor doggie out!). 

4pm rolls round and we’re off to a Gracie surprise – Mani & Pedi in Glendale!!! It was fabulous and just what I needed (thanks for the thoughtfulness GEM!). We rented out DVDs, procured junk food and slothed on the couch at Grace’s. A night of nightmares (as in the literal sense of me dreaming I was being kidnapped and murdered) was promptly washed away with good coffee and poached eggs from DoubleTake cafe in Toronto.

A quick pack and back in the car to pick up Mandy in Balcolyn and then the drive down the F3 to Narara for Nat’s baby shower. My top 15 things of this weekend:

  1. pastry from La Patisserie always puts a spring in your Saturday morning step!
  2. Jay putting the air in the tyres so that I didn’t have too (thankyou baby!)
  3. Danes coffee from Wahroonga (one of the best cups Ive had in a while)
  4. speeding on the F3. I know it’s bad, but it feels so good.
  5. seeing Willow in her Mushroom dress.
  6. getting a pretty painting from Willow
  7. almost understanding Finley-speak and sharing imaginary cups of tea
  8. seeing Tam and eating her strawberry/passionfruit sponge
  9. QT with GEM on the DL
  10. Nate’s lovely disposition that inspires me to train Harley harder!
  11. Mandy in all her pre-bride beauty
  12. scones with jam & cream / Mand’s herb & feta bread at the baby-shower
  13. actually enjoying the company of the bunch of women and their babies at the baby-shower
  14. coming home to Jay
  15. Sunday night sleeping in my bed

Here’s to a wonderful week!

***note I didn’t mention anything about Harley’s gross case of worms….I think Im an unfit dog owner.

One thought on “the delightful weekend

  1. Delta will help and I’m very much looking forward to Puppy SchooL! YAY Harley! You’re not unfit, you a learning. You don’t just ride a bike, you learn to ride.
    My nails are falling off! 😦 Good thought at the time!

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