little kids big style

It seems like pregnancy is spreading via the water supply. Everyone is either preggers, breastfeeding, trying or already has kids.

My favourite children are the Dawes girls, especially Willow who has personality & intelligence in spades! (don’t worry Tam, I still love Finley too!)

Here is Willow in a dress that Aunty Mel bought for her.

Willow in mushroom dress

And here are the cute little outfits that I think Willow would look ultra gorgeous in!

Oobi Darcy Tulle Pink Skirt
Oobi Darcy Tulli Pettiskirt in Navy
Oobi April ruffleskirt

And this is what I’d like to see Finley in:

Oobi Celeste Ruch dress
Oobi multidots dress

All from Little Styles

James & Nat are having a little boy, due in November. In preparation for the baby shower this Sunday, here are the first pressies we’ve bought for him:

the face of Einstein tee
Stego Jr the Stegosaurus Night Light
wooden animal mobile

We can’t wait to meet him!

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