Melly thinks;

  • water from Malaysia tastes weird (its what $1.50 buys at the servo)
  • its funny and stinky that Harley farts in his sleep
  • Sam I Am is a cool name for a cafe
  • kids + puppy = happy and tired Harley
  • Cavendish House Vienna Almonds are delicious
  • At her hen’s night, Mandy’s straight hair looked amazing!
  • people on the show Millionaire Hot Seat are stupid
  • La Baguette pâtisserie in Glebe has the best danishes in Sydney
  • Gracie looked girlie & pretty at Anna’s wedding
  • she’s devastated that True Blood is over for another season
  • seeing Tam & Gracie & Mandy this weekend is too special!
  • she’s looking forward to Nat’s baby shower on Sunday
  • her nails really need a mani. really.
  • she may have been a little hard on her brother
  • she has hurt feelings over her friendship re-evaluation with Lindy
  • fish & chips from Fish On Fire in Glebe isn’t all that its cracked up to be
  • she’s thankful to Dr Andrew the Vet for putting her mind at ease about Harley’s cold
  • she wishes Harley would just hurry up and be toilet trained already
  • it’s unfair that she has another project to manage
  • last weekend’s picnic in the park with B & AC was fun, and ACs Harley-domination was good value!
  • next weekend’s puppy play-date with Jeff’s little Reno & Jiro will be good value and potentially amusing
  • she’s looking forward to the Oct long weekend (5 year anniversary) down south in Bawley Point
  • that she should really go to bed and schedule this post…

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