Clipper Cafe | Glebe

I have always loved Glebe’s main street, Glebe Point Road, with its eclectic mix of cafes, pubs, restaurants, books stores and vintage clothing boutiques.

6 months ago we crossed the divide from Pyrmont to live a stones throw away in Glebe. And I’m in love.

Having made the ambitious declaration that I would “eat my way down Glebe Pt Rd” I am happy to say that I have made some significant progress. Clipper Cafe was next on the list and after a few weekend breakfast attempts we finally were seated in the funky small cafe.

This is obviously a uni hot spot. No fuss or fanfare; we wait for our table seated outside on the curb on milk crates.

After a 15 minute wait, we are squished inside at elevated wooden stools. I love the decor; it’s eclectic with mismatching tables and chairs, cute little artifacts on the walls and even a bike!

Jay is a bit precious when it comes to sitting squished in with your neighbours, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a girl or because I’m excited about being there, but I’m unfazed. I do think it would be a great little girlie catch-up brekkie spot.

I love the coffee; it comes out almost instantly after being ordered and it even has a love heart!

From the board, we order breakfast.

Jay has the special $10; baked eggs with chorizo. It’s slices of crispy Italian chorizo in a rich tomato sauce with poached eggs baked in the centre.
It looks good but he’s not impressed. Being a self proclaimed egg aficionado, he is mortified that someone would poach and egg and then bake it in the oven. Needless to say, the egg is no longer poached and has a hard yolk. I have to agree that the idea is better than the delivery. He eats it, mumbling about there being no bacon on the menu…

I order home-style baked beans with poached eggs $10; a variety of legumes (kidney beans, chickpeas, favre beans, white cannelli beans) in a tomato herb sauce with a hunk of grilled haloumi and 2 perfectly poached eggs resting on top.
It’s good. Hearty and tasty. The pane-di-casa toast is thick and buttery and soaks up the tomato perfectly.

I love this cafe; it’s perfectly girlie – quaint building, cute decor, minimal fuss menu and good coffee.  My experience is slightly jaded because Jay hates it. But he doesn’t hate the dent in the wallet – $27 for 2 for brekkie.

My advice is to leave the men at home to cook their own bacon.

Clipper Cafe | 16 Glebe Point Road, Glebe | open 7 days from 6am


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