anyone remember Posh Spice before Victoria Beckham?

I was obsessed with The Spice Girls. OBESESSED. Just ask any of my friends. I had every album (…still do somewhere). I watched over & over The Spice Girl Movie – Spice World (starring Alan Cumming can you believe it!?). I even had/have a full gloss colour fan book of The Spice Girls. Obsessed.

My favourite regularly changed depending on the outfit and the song….

I’m pretty certain that it’s general consensus that Posh Spice was the least talented, but she was always cool because she hid her inner-chav behind her unsmiling, hands-on-hips, cool-as-ice  stance.

I remember her when she looked like this:

The Spice Girls

All glitz and gawdy-glamour and no class or taste . Of course we didn’t know it at the time! But that was the 90s….

And then came the money, a lot of money, a hot husband, boobs and celebrity friends. Her unwavering ambition was ever present…after some dodgy looks (think gallons of fake tan, round fake boobs, ridiculous wedding) she’s the queen of style. She brings everyday dressing to a whole new level. Think polished suits, minimalistic structured dresses, oversized sunnies and ultra-expensive accessories.

You have to give her cred. She’s resilient. And now her Victoria Beckham clothing label is going gangbusters. Making her a mint more. It’s the bomb! Classy, classic understated elegance; structured and tailored. I want everything.

Now if she could only smile a little more….

2 thoughts on “anyone remember Posh Spice before Victoria Beckham?

  1. Memorable line from Spiceworld – “I can’t run in these heels!”

    We like the non-smile. It put her a step above the other Cheesy Spices from the start.

  2. I made dresses like these in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They were my favorite clothes. I am glad that the style is back. Such pretty sillouettes.

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