say it til it becomes true

We did this leadership training for work a while ago and one of the exercises was to gauge our stress levels. It was no real surprise to me that I am highly strung, but the people at work were fairly surprised. Apparently because I have a sunny disposition and my anger moments are fast & fleeting, I don’t come across as being ultra stressed. But I am. I would say I’m like a volcano – bubbling away with stress underneath and only once in a while it spews out for the world to see.

So at that time, the trainer spoke about techniques to reduce stress (walking, deep breathing, remembering not to sweat the small stuff) but he never mentioned getting a dog.

I have discovered that Harley is good for my health (both mental & physical)!

Apart from causing me no shortage of stress and emotional breakdowns in the first 2 weeks, the fact that me muttering “calm assertive” over and over in my head, consciously slowing my breathing and heart rate, projecting calm assertive energy and being forced out of my obsessive compulsive clean freakishness, is actually making me a better & healthier person.

This afternoon, when I picked Harley up from doggie-daycare (don’t laugh – it’s good for his socialisation skills & it completely buggers him out) one of the girls said that he’s one of the most well behaved puppies they’ve ever met! I was instantly filled with pride – that our little terror is actually displaying the characteristics of all our hard work and training. We are well on our way to having a balanced dog. Cesar would be so proud!

Harley Houdini Williams
Harley & the kong treat smuggler Gracie & Rob bought him back from USA
comfy on the couch

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