i cannot wait…

to go out for dinner with Mandy & her girlfriends tonight!
for this rain to end.
for my nail polish to dry.
to see Gracie tomorrow (early morning and all)!
to hang out with the Dawes girls
for Harley to meet Pippin.
for Jay to get home from Melbourne.
for my first walk outside with a fully vaccinated Harley.
to find a banana cake recipe that Jay actually likes
for my right hand ring finger nail to grow back – it currently makes nailpolish look mank.
to see “Salt”, “Tomorrow When the War Began”, “Harry Potter 7” at the movies
for Spring BBQs outside
to own my own home
for a library with a floor-to-ceiling book case, a giant leather armchair & fireplace
to see the season finale of TrueBlood season3 (but not for it to be over)

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