the saturday night burger

After a brunch of pastries & coffee in the park, we were up for a mean burger for Saturday night dinner, while watching our beloved Knights gets knocked out of the top 8 by the Dragons.

Pyrmont Park

I often make burgers; purely because it’s hard to find a really good burger out there now that local Hamburger shops are a rare find in the city. This is how mine go:

Step 1) Handcut chips
I use Dutch potatoes because the flesh is nice and yellow and when the spud cooks, it’s soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. I cut each half length-ways  in 6ths, then in a bowl, I toss them with a bit of olive oil, Season-All spice and Cornflake crumbs (which gives them an extra crispy crunch).

Step 2) the burger patty
Use either a pre-bought pattie or make your own from lean beef mince, bread crumbs, an egg, grated carrot, finely sliced chives & seasoning. Fry/grill til done to your liking.

Step 3) the guts
A good burger has some important key ingredients besides the patty. These are cheese, beetroot and pineapple. I also make a coleslaw of finely sliced red cabbage, celery, red capsicum & parsley with good mayo (has to be Thomy) and seasoning. Jay also likes an egg on his burger. And of course tomato sauce and mustard.

Step 4) the assembly
It can all go horribly wrong here if you don’t get the stacking balanced. After toasting the buns and slathering with your fave tomato sauce and mustard, assemble with care. Best to use a long skewer to keep it in place.

Eat with lots of napkins to mop up the burger juice as it rolls down your cheek, hands & arms! Enjoy!

One thought on “the saturday night burger

  1. Pickles discusting, Corn Flakes nice touch I’m going to steal. And when we were in the states they kept asking us whenever we ordered a burger how we wanted our patties. Well Done, Medium Well, etc. It was weird!

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