…means  ‘clear sky after the rain’ in Korean.

I’ve been having a tough time this last month. It’s all self-inflicted of course, and mostly due to the new little addition to our family – Harley Houdini Williams.

Haemil is a Koran restaurant at Circular Quay. I love Korean food (it’s similar to Japanese but more hot dishes and it excites my condiment fetish!). And I also love Korean words – like Bulgogi – which I like because it sounds like something you say with a mouth full of gobstoppers – and Bibimbab – which sounds cute like a little fawn! Yes, it’s all a little strange, but I love the sounds of certain words and cute noises, it’s a quirk and you’ll get used to it! Plus I love Tam who was born in Korea, even though I don’t think of her as very Korean, but according to her she has Korean attributes that come out at certain times due to her intrinsic genetics. And there was this one girl I befriended for about 6 months in year 10 (she was a year 9 exchange student who somehow lived in Grace’s room when she lived in Indiana) named Mikiko who was also Korean; she was totally quirky with weird friends and a crazy taste in music.

So I hear you ask, what does this all have to do with  my current state of mind? It’s like I’ve woken after a scary storm to a day with clear blue skies.  I had no idea how much impact a little Canis Lupus familiaris would have on me. Now that I think about it, I didn’t actually expect Harley to have any impact; I thought he would just turn up and be good and understand and do everything that I wanted. I didn’t even think about the fact that he was basically a baby who had just been taken away from his mummy and siblings and is 100% dependant for everything (discipline, food, warmth, affection, toilet-training, etc). It sounds strange, but it actually really threw me. There were several times when I thought ‘what the hell have we done??? maybe we should take him back.’ I had crying (read sobbing) breakdowns and actual panic attacks where I couldn’t breathe and just wanted to sit still so he wouldn’t move (I didn’t blog or cook during this time). All because of a little puppy. Jay actually said to me half-joking that he thought I had ‘post-puppy-depression’ which I don’t take lightly as I haven’t had a baby and can only imagine what women go through, but I think I was definitely depressed.

Two weeks on and I am so much better. I am ‘calm assertive’ as Cesar Millan would say, which is a constant conscious decision, but I am learning how to be the Pack Leader. I don’t know where I’d be without Cesar ‘The Dog Whisperer’ Millan. Actually, I do know; I’d be crying under my doona, my house would be a mess, Harley would be eating his own shit and Jay would be starving.

I am still going a little stir crazy, just waiting til we can take Harley outside into the world with other people and dogs, without fear of kennel-cough or the other weird diseases that hit un-vaccinated puppies, but it’s still another 6 weeks or so until we can do that. He get’s his second shot on the 9th September and then the last puppy shot 4 weeks later. James & Nat were a saving grace last weekend – we can have Harley around other vaccinated dogs, so we spent the weekend up there and Harley had such a great time playing/getting trod on with Indie.

Harley Houdini Williams is living up to his middle name; constantly finding new and inventive ways to break out of his play pen during the day when we’re at work. He knows it’s naughty because he slinks up to you when you finally get home. He actually climbs up the walls and topples over the top. He’s smart and a very quick learner, an attribute from his half-Poodle genetics (Poodles are the second most intelligent dogs, after the Jack Russell) but he’s very loving and wants to be part of the Williams’ pack (attributes from his King Charles Cavalier genes). We’re getting along well with his toilet training and simple commands like ‘sit’. He hasn’t shit in the house for over a week, although little pees happen often. He loves fetching and almost always ‘brings it back’! He loves to dig and chew metal & plastic. He loves to drive in the car. He follows me around and sits quietly and watches me do my hair/makeup in the mornings. He hates getting bathed but loves getting blowdried. He is finally eating really well; kibble in the morning and kibble & mince at night. He poos about 5 minutes after he eats (so we have to take him out straight away but he isnt precious about it). He cracks us up when he spins around in circles until he catches his tail and then falls over in pure joy at his accomplishment. He loves wedging himself in the seat-crack on our leather couch. He licks our face and ears to show his affection. He’s 10 weeks old. He’s going to be a very good dog.

Life’s good again.


  1. Are you sure she was Korean? Mikiko is totally not a Korean name (sounds kind of Japanese though). Don’t let him win – you are the pack leader! He doesn’t decide your happiness! But the wondering, “What the hell have I done?” doesn’t ever go away.

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