daring kitchen challenge: peirogi

In July I joined a blog challenge site called The Daring Kitchen. It’s a site for people in different parts of the world to share their love of cooking and participate in challenges set by chefs affiliated to the site. It’s supposed to get ordinary cooks out of their comfort zone and inspire us to try new dishes and cuisines and teach us new skills.

My first challenge was the peirogi. What is a perogi you may ask? Well, the dictionary says “A semicircular dumpling with any of various fillings, such as finely chopped meat or vegetables, that is often sautéed after being boiled.”

There are always rules to any challenge; the first being that we had to make everything from scratch (dough, filling, etc) but it could be savoury or sweet; the second being we can’t upload it to our own blogs until after the 17th of the month. I made 2 types of savoury peirogi.

First was spinach, ricotta, toasted pinenut, mushroom & chilli pierogi served on an oven roasted capsicum and tomato puree.

Second was shredded duck & caramelised onion pierogi in a rich beef & veggie broth (made from beef ribs, carrots, onion, porcini mushrooms, celery & herbs).

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