it only gets better

‘Life’s too short to act like you’re somebody else’ – that’s what her mum always told her.

And the old girl was right.

She hadn’t always followed the advice. 

She’d fallen in. 

Worn this, said that. 

But those words slowly crept up until she finally listened to them one day. 

It hasn’t been easy always, but it’s been real, it’s been beautiful. 

If growing up taught us anything it’s that there are no ugly ducklings, just original ones. 

So this way it’s worked. 

Now she can look back at it all and say, it was me. 

And it’s only going to get better.

One thought on “it only gets better

  1. Oh Mel that is so lovely! Comfort on a beautiful Friday stuck in my aircontioned no natural light hole of a workstation!

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